Popular Wedding Cake Topper Ideas

Popular Wedding Cake Topper Ideas

Your wedding cake is an important part of your wedding ceremony, and you want to make sure that you get it just right. There are many ways you can make it special, and with the focal point of the cake being the topper, there are a number of options you can consider. Besides the classic wedding cake topper featuring a couple in their finery, you can find some other popular wedding cake topper ideas in this article.

Calligraphed Words

If you would rather not have a cake topper featuring a couple, how about laser-cut words? This can say anything from “Happily Married” or “Best Day Ever” to “Mr & Mrs”. You can even get creative and have something that’s an inside joke between you two – after all, today is all about you.

Animals or Characters

Are you an animal lover, or do you and your partner have an inside joke or shared hobby where you are each a character, whether completely made-up or from a book or movie? If so, why not consider getting a wedding cake topper that features animals or characters? Whether you have a lovely dog couple, bears, or something more unconventional, this is one way you can add a bit of personality to your wedding cake.


Looking for something a little more personal? Have you considered a silhouette wedding topper, which can be customized based on a photo? Whether you wish to be pictured in your wedding finery or more casual clothing, this cake topper is sure to remain a beloved keepsake for years to come. You can further customize it by adding a beloved pet.

Customized Classic Cake Topper

Instead of opting for a generic cake topper of a couple, why not get one customized to look like you and your partner? As this can be customized based on your photo, you can be sure that the figures will resemble you, right down to skin tone, hair color, and outfit. The best part is that it can be reused and even passed down as an heirloom. At the very least, it will serve as a lovely reminder of your happy day, making a customized wedding cake topper one option you may want to consider.

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