3D Photo Moon Lamps

7 products

7 products

Magical nights to melt the hearts- Experience the magic of light and memories of your treasured moments that transform your ambiance and light up your space with vibrant hues.

3D moon lamp can be a great personalized gift for someone. It can add a unique and decorative touch to any room, and the fact that it is customizable makes it even more special. Plus, the 3D effect of the moon lamp can be quite mesmerizing, making it a gift that is both practical and enjoyable.

Buy/Send  friends and loved ones unique home-decor online, that showcases your favorite photo or memories from Quirkaboo. Commemorate special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, traditional holidays, births, and more. Design this custom 3d photo moon lamp gift within a matter of minutes on Quirkaboo! These modern 3d Photo Moon Lamp products not only offer functional benefits, but also enhance the overall ambience of your loved one space appreciably. Our Personalized 3D Moon Lamp Come with a Rotating base and Customized text.

Rather than waiting for a special day or moment to come, 3D Moon lamps make a special gift to express your love and happiness and make the day a special one. Quirkaboo has vibrant photo moon lamp gift items with various shapes and colors which can also be one the best gift ideas for men and women.

The Product is completely personalized according to the picture and text provided by you ! To personalize your Moon Lamp.

 Photo Moon Lamp will creates Magic every time you touch the remote as the color changes in 16 stages to suit your mood.