Why A Topper Is Essential For Your Wedding Cake

Why A Topper Is Essential For Your Wedding Cake

There are many ways to make a wedding cake special, from writing a message in icing to getting a wedding topper. If you would like to have a keepsake to bring home at the end of the ceremony, getting a topper for your wedding cake is a great decision. Or you may be struggling with the perfect wedding gift idea for a friend – if so, below are some reasons you should consider getting a wedding cake topper.

Can Be Used for Any Occasion 

Cake toppers may be used most often for weddings, however, there’s no reason to stop there. You can get one that is suitable for future occasions, such as for your anniversaries, your birthdays, or any other special occasions that you are celebrating your love. The sky is truly the limit with a customized cake topper. You can design it as you like to represent you as a couple!


In comparison with icing or candles, which can only be used once, a wedding cake topper can be kept and reused. Because they can be customized right down to the outfits worn by the happy couple, they are easily identifiable and can be used for future occasions such as anniversaries, especially when you are on a budget.

Serves As a Sentimental Keepsake

Looking for a memento you can keep from the wedding day that will remind you of the happy occasion for years to come? Instead of getting a generic cake topper that can fit any couple, why not get a customized wedding cake topper? Depending on your likes and preferences, you can be dressed in your wedding finery or even in more casual clothing. The most important part is that this reflects your personality best and is something you are happy with, as this is your big day after all!

A Visually Attractive Topping

Although you can always make do with a message written in icing, this is up to many factors, such as the baker’s calligraphy skills. In addition, icing can get smudged, especially during transport. When you opt for a wedding cake topper, you can be sure of getting a visually attractive topping that will not go wrong and that has been intricately designed to go with your cake.

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