Unique Ways To Memorialize Your Beloved Dog

Unique Ways To Memorialize Your Beloved Dog

Across cultures, we all have ways to memorialize a loved one who has been taken away from us. However, when it comes to pets, there is no one established way of remembering their lives and all they meant to us. The good news is that you can do this in your own unique way, knowing that some part of your beloved dog will always live on in your heart. In this article, we share with you some unique ways you can memorialize a dog.

Take Their Pawprint

One way to remember your dog forever is to take a pawprint and frame it up. Some dog owners even do this as their pup grows, so they have visual reminders of how small their dog used to be and how much they have grown. When your dog is no longer around, this will serve as a lovely reminder of the time you have spent together.

Write a Poem, or Have One Written for You

When a loved one leaves us, we write tributes to them and everything they have achieved during their lives. Why not do the same for your dog – except that this time, you are writing about how much they meant to you? If you are not much of a poet, you can always get someone else to write it for you. Whether that is a family friend who loved them as much as you do or a professional writer, you will have a lovely written tribute to keep forever.

Commission a Felted Version of Your Dog

The sad thing is that pets don’t live forever, but a felted replica sure can. Many pet owners get a felted replica of their beloved dogs that can stay with them long after their pets are gone. While it may not fully dull the ache of not having your pet around any longer, it can sure go a long way in helping you remember them.

Get a 3D Miniature of Your Dog

Is a felted replica not your thing, or do you prefer something smaller that you can display easily? If so, why not consider getting a 3D miniature of your dog? When you get one commissioned at Quirkaboo, you can choose the size you prefer and your miniature can be constructed exactly to the specifications you send us.

Quirkaboo Can Personalize a 3D Dog Miniature to Your Specifications

Whether you are looking to memorialize your own beloved dog or send a gift to a friend, our customized 3D miniatures are made to the exact specifications of the photo you send us. We can also make miniatures for couples, individuals, and kids to suit your gifting needs, or even if you just wish to get one for yourself. With ridiculously quirky and unique designs, you can be sure your recipient will love what you get them! If you require any information about our products or would like more information, please feel free to contact us today.