Personalized 3D Figurine Snowglobe Christmas Ornament

Personalized 3D Figurine Snowglobe Christmas Ornament


One cannot miss to skip the X-Mas without this mini snow globe. When holidays are about celebrations, let’s make those celebrations extra special with our Quirkaboo’s custom-made snow globe.

Imagine yourself inside a glass of snow which makes you feel you’re in a movie surrounded by your favourite people, christmas tree, snowman and many other gifts & accessories. With a small twirl, the snow moves around and you feel a joy for celebrations at that moment.

We look into the snow globe mesmerized by the life like miniatures and feel, little things that gives us happiness. This 3d personalized snow globe with your miniature is sure a keeper!

A perfect way to decorate your place and brings you smile on your face whenever you look at it. Also, meddle with this custom 3D snow globe whenever you feel stressed.

Here are few themes to our snow globe:

  1. Family miniature snow globe
  2. Christmas snow globe
  3. Memorial snow globe
  4. Mini Santa snow globe
  5. Skiing snow globe
  6. 3D pet miniature snow globe
  7. Halloween snow globe
  8. Fantasy character figurines snow globe
  9. Friends miniature snow globe
  10. Graduation miniature snow globe
  11. Valentine’s day snow globe
  12. Wedding day snow globe
  13. Engagement snow globe
  14. Baptism snow globe

This is just a beginning. You name it, we make it for the special you! 

Get in touch with our team for your unique customizations of snow globe.

Give a nice twirl and make your heart skip a beat to that moment!