A Voice of a Zoophilist

Hey peeps, this is Cathy! You would wonder the reason for me appearing all of a sudden…

Umm…okay! I had a very hard day. A day without any ray of hope. My day lacked brightness and I could not go on with my life thereafter. But everything suddenly changed when a cute little living creature popped out in front of my dark life. I would say, it brought in the lost light in me. And yes, she was a cat.

My cat Dipsy was the Queen of my house. She would wander here and there meowing and purring all her way in and out. This power bank of our house kept us vibrant, especially me. This bossy lady would dare to even pull me out of my bed if I’m late. She would push me from misery to happiness within a minute. This cat went missing when we were out on an occasion. And you found it right. My bright day started to darken again. I went through a lot of tough times battling my dark days. Troubles accompanied depression and gushed into me like the waves hitting the rocks. The days stayed dark until I got through Quirkaboo. The untiring search didn’t yield any result, so her loss had a great impact. She left me behind, to keep worrying about her every day.

And do you know what happened next? I witnessed a flicker far away, fast approaching me. It was at this time; I was presented with a beautiful customized pet keepsake by my friend. To my surprise, it was a perfect replica of my Dipsy. This piece not only remembered my ever-powerful Dipsy but also stood as an aid for connecting her and me. Though she went far away from me, this little pet memorial gift helped me fly away from my loneliness. And of course, it gradually brought in the lost light.

I inquired about the delivery partner and somehow found that secret friend who helped me find my light. I then enquired him about the present and discovered that he had found it in Quirkaboo. He further advised me to approach the site to brighten my light. As usual, I didn’t hope to get back the lost brightness. But, as soon as I entered the site, I prepared my mind nope, my mind was all set to completely rely on Quirkaboo. I then decided to customize my pet bereavement gift, a gift for my immortal Dipsy’s soul. I found various personalized pieces which would drive me away from my anxiety and depression about losing my dearest pet. It gave me the hope of strengthening the gradually glowing light of my life. And that’s how I found a variety of these unique pet memorial gifts.


Cats are always bossy. They expect you to serve them and come to them. They never like obeying orders. They pave the orders and change them when they like. There are a few cat creatures who obey the master and stay connected. But every cat’s a natural tendency to act as a King or a Queen despite its masters’ love and care. If your cat is a bossy one like the above features or more than those bossy features, Personalized Cat King Caricature Photo Gift With Wooden Stand will be the perfect caricature piece from Quirkaboos’ collection.

But why all these? will be your question. Pet animals don’t live long and we can’t reverse the law of nature. But we can reverse the law of art. The crafters of Quirkaboo are ready to carve your bossy pet animal according to your wish. Here we go.


Is your cat powerful beyond your imagination? I would say that your cat knows all the ways to hide and fight. He or she can even throw out a heavy rug. Cats can pull all the necessary threads out of the beautiful clothing you’ve treasured for a long time. Their sharp teeth tear your beautiful skin, turning to war marks on your body. If you have dreams of your cat performing powerful acts, walking in and out of the fitness room, showing off all the built-in muscles, or if you consider your cat to be the power booster of your life, and energy creature when you are down, then Personalized Pet Cat Caricature Photo Gift with Wooden Stand will be the perfect powerful piece for the memory of your powerful pet animal.

Quirkaboo has been customizing various pet animals, with catchy personalized phrases, turning them into 3D Miniatures and caricatures. Thus, Quirkaboo provides a variety of products like cake toppers, photo crystals, etc. Caricatures hold your pet animals on a wooden board. But miniature, as the name goes, is an exact appearance of pet animals, but a tiny version. (It could be termed as version 2.0 too.) Your little pet is transformed into a little look-alike. Pets, who cannot live long in the physical world, can live on until the world ends in the imaginative world. Quirkaboo thus tries to project your imaginative world through customized miniatures, helping you fly away from your loss.



If you worry about the quality and finishing of the product, Quirkaboo adds how the product is made, the measurements taken, the material used, the base used and every minute detail below every product.

Ahem…Though Dipsy left me alone, it was with the help of Quirkaboo’s products, that I’m out of my longingness, since they’d carved a replica of my bestie Dipsy.

Let not the longing spirit sleep in longingness. Let it break the misery of all owners and live on in happiness with Quirkaboo’s pet loss sympathy gifts. PERSONALIZE NOW!